Occupational Hazards of Being a Historian 2: The fear that the librarians will report you to the counselors for suicide watch because you keep checking out books about death - death in America, Roman death rites, Anglo death culture, death masks of the ancient world, eulogies and elegies in American rhetoric, etc. Yes, I do... Continue Reading →


Bending Path

On the face of it, graduate studies can seem a simple process. Somewhere on your school's online student suite, there will be a helpful list of requirements to fulfill: Enroll in 12 units per semester for full time status submit master's essay Apply for co-terminal masters degree upon completion of 48 units of coursework Submit... Continue Reading →

On This Day: Ulysses S. Grant dies at Mt. McGregor, NY

On this day July 23, 1885, Ulysses S. Grant, a two-term president of the United States, Lieutenant General of the Union armies, world traveler, author, and Wall Street victim died at Mt. McGregor, New York. Instantly newspapers around the country lamented his death, and August 8, 1885 was decided as the date of his funeral... Continue Reading →

On This Day: July 19, 1885

It is believed that Ulysses S. Grant finished writing his famous Memoirs on July 19, 1885. Grant was desperately racing against the clock as he battled throat cancer and tried to complete his manuscript, which would provide financial security for his family. He died a mere four days later.

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