On the Road

Topsy turvy. That definitely is the prevailing theme for my summer. Every time I get a plan in place, something happens to send me scurrying for a new plan – that might send me 500 miles in the other direction.

20170610_094132.jpgThis is the summer before my fourth year of Ph.D study, which means I will be running around the country to any archives I can find before settling into my residency at Mt. Vernon this fall. Last summer I was still holed up in my apartment cramming for comps, so this is my first, true archival summer. And it is definitely going to be an adventure.

Today I drove from central Virginia to Ohio. It was about 530 miles and took me about 8 hours. I’ve done this particular route about 4 times a year for the last few years, and it’s proved I can be a real road warrior. Don’t stop — that’s the key. And I only almost died about three times this trip thanks to other cars swerving into to me, which adds just the right rush of adrenaline to keep you awake for another hour. From Ohio, I’m going to California, then back to Ohio. From there, I’ll be working my way south to Mississippi. And who knows where I’m going from there. One thing is for certain, I’ll be racking up the miles, and hopefully, stupendous materials to flush out my diss.

So stay tuned for highlights from a Ph.D student’s version on the Great American Road Trip.


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